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“The day I visited the great metropolis: Skudenes” March 30, 2007

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Yesterday, the day that is called Thursday, I enjoyed a great cultural experience with my class. We went to the most significant city in the whole region of Rogaland: Skudenes!

I took some photos, I hope you like them 😀



This is where the old people of Skudesnes sit, eyeing people from afar with great sceptism. Luckily I snuck up when the nurses took them back to the “home”. You might notice that the angle in the photo is a bit wierd. Frog perspective infact. I feel that it gives the picture a life like and colourful composition and great contrast. I used Photoshop to edit the picture, and for those who knows a bit about photoshop i need only say, layers, levels and hue and saturation ;D



you know it! This angle is bird perspective. It is one of my favourite angles because I never get to use it. When I saw this cat it tried to show off, so I had to catch it with my camera. I used photoshop again, but only levels on this one. It makes the picture vivid and gives the cat a kind of radience in the sun that surrounds him/her, although the contrast in the picture could have been better if I had chosen another angle. cute cat :3



This was a amulet used to ward off evil witches in the old days. They still believe in it, in Skudesnes! *scary* I used brightness/contrast here to increase the..dam dam DAM. contrast. I thought it looked like a amulet and would be cool if I took a close shot of it. The increase of contrast also increases the visibility of the rust, which again makes good contrast. yay for corroding metal \o/

Global Warming

Global Warming:

I have no thoughts about the title of the picture. In Skudenes the vegetation goes together with the city. So I felt I had to show it to you, since it has it’s own little charm. I did not edit this picture at all because the composition, angle and colour were okay or just fine enough so I didnt need it. I could have made the picture more “fresh” with contrast, but I chose not to, since I wanted to keep it “natural”. 😀

Stairs of stone

Stairs of stone:

needeth I say more? The lines of the stairs creates harmony in the picture. I edited this picture with brightness because it looked too plain. It had no contrast. So with contrast the colours are brought more to attention and increases the stimuli when watching the picture. I myself relax when I look at this picture.

But all in all I had a nice trip to skudenes with my class. It was alot of fun and it is a beautiful city.  Maybe I will visit it again when I feel like seeing some old culture.